My Video Bank App

7 Horse Entertainment Pvt Ltd. is a Nagpur based, Renowned Entertainment Company associated in Film Production, Digital Advertisement and Marketing Sector. On 30th June2016 ,We have  launched an  Android APP “MY VIDEO BANK” ,which can be operated from any Android Phone and it can be downloaded from Google play store, like any other Apps that we usually do...

The App is the creative Outcome, a concept developed by Mr.Amit Dhupe, Managing Director- 7 Horse Entertainment Pvt Ltd .The App is designed in Such a way that it is easy and convenient to handle.. At present stage, My Video Bank is efficiently Entertaining users across the Nation. We are very confident -to be Competitive and the lucid handling system in our App shall quickly make it a leading App in the Market. Also Our System design has been tested and proven to improve the Efficiency and Uniqueness of My Video Bank Mobile App.

“My Video Bank Mobile App” is about to take a huge leap for it is not only entertaining users across the Nation but its popularity is also increasing internationally. The number of downloads in overseas is rising gradually. We are proud to have subscribers from UAE, KUWAIT, MOZAMBIQUE, OMAN, SAUDI ARABIA, and UNITED KINGDON & USA as well. Market Research and Current Active User Record of the App has proved that the Interest of End Users (Consumers) is rising tremendously.

Responding to the paradigm shifts in the global business ethos, MY VIDEO BANK APP has pioneered a new role model in the field of Entertainment and digital Marketing. We aspire to become a landmark in Digital Advertising Sector

With our services we aspire to impart quality entertainment and we dream to make contributions ourselves in an increasingly globalized Market.

Come and be a part of us and explore the Thrill …
For we believe that –


“We Believe in Exploring & Innovating - beyond Limits”