Mission & Vission

Our vision encompasses overall development in all the spheres. We have a sole mission of being one of the most comprehensive Entertainment Companies in the world. We aim to bring all the domains pertaining to Entertainment Industry under one roof.  We strive to impart and maintain high quality entertainment to stand up to global competition.

  • Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of performance through total commitment and exceptional effort.
  • We are committed to deliver most innovative concepts.
  • We aspire to attain marketing leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our company.
  • It is said that "The first impression is the last one", but in our industry it is, “the lasting impression that changes the identity of an individual or company....."
  • We also seek the most passionate talented people in and around the world to enrich our company.
  • We welcome all the professionals, aspirants to get along with us for career opportunities.
  • We believe in delivering quality Entertainment for people of all age, groups and Community.
  • OTT MOBILE APPS is a new trend in the market. Through CINECAST APP, We wish to reach to all the nooks and corners of the world. We aspire to become a leading App in the OTT Mobile platform/Market. And become a LANDMARK in the segment.
  • We soon intend to launch our chain of Cineplex/ Movie theatres in various cities of India. Also, our company aims to launch its own TV channel by next year.
  • The Company also aims in producing quality Feature Films, Video albums, Web series production, Movie publicity and release, Film fare magazine and thrust an everlasting impression on Society through its Work.


"We Believe in Exploring & Innovating - beyond Limits"