Marketing and Distribution

The Digital Platform is reaching new Heights every day. It has become the most common and Convenient tool of every one’s life. With effect to this, the range and availability of mobile applications is expanding rapidly in the Global Market

We at 7 Horse Entertainment, focus on Integrated Marketing. We focus on every single aspect and every single requirement of our clients, which makes us stand out of the Market. My Video Bank Mobile App, targets on Digital Advertisement. The world is going Digital now-a-days, with tremendous variations in Business / Brand Strategy and Brand Thinking as well. With the ever changing needs of the Society and Market needs, the marketing strategy and tools needs to be timely updated. Moreover, Digital Advertisement has become the most powerful tool to win over the Market. A Location like India is always an asset for exposure and developing national and global networking
For Capturing the Markets, the company shall under take all the possible promotional activities for promoting "My Video Bank Mobile App" .It includes advertisement in Newspapers, Hoardings, and Telemarketing Etc...

7 Horse Entertainment Pvt Ltd. shall provide all the details such as Brochures, leaflets/pamphlets to all the agencies registered with us. This will help the agencies to move uniformly in the market. The company shall appoint agencies in the allocated areas. The agencies in turn shall create new users and collect advertisement from their Local region for My Video Bank Mobile App.

Through the means of My Video Bank Mobile App, the Company can direct hit the Targeted Audiences. My Video Bank Mobile App is more specific in its approach. We assure your Products to reach to every nooks and Corners of India.


“We Believe in Exploring & Innovating - beyond Limits”